Fire pumps are, luckily, rarely needed. When they are needed, however, it is absolutely critical that they operate appropriately, and without delay. That is why preventative maintenance and regular inspection is vitally important for these engines. Many fire pump inspection companies only deal with the pump side of this system and not the engine. This is where Prime Diesel Solutions comes in. Whether we are just doing inspections every 6 months or coming out to evaluate a problem, we will do our best to ensure your engine does its part, should fire protection be necessary.   


We also offer, and strongly recommend, fuel testing and polishing. With the dramatic decrease of sulfur in diesel fuel since 2007, fuel now degrades faster than ever and poor fuel quality is the leading cause of engine failure. This is even more important with the newer, less forgiving, Tier 4 engines. See our Fuel Polishing page here for more information.